Meet The Team

The team at See Eyecare are committed to ensuring that the health of your eyes is checked thoroughly by your optometrist and safeguarded for your future.

We believe that everyone should see an optometrist for an eye test, even if you are satisfied with your vision. This allows us to assess whether your eyes are healthy or if treatment is required. More importantly, it enables us to obtain baseline readings, measurements and images with which we can compare the condition of your eyes in the future.

Brooke Goodyer


Brooke has over 3 years experience as an optometrist, with a particular interest in comprehensive eye tests, screening for eye diseases, contact lenses and dry eye.

Brooke graduated from Deakin University (Geelong) in 2016 with the following credentials:

  • Bachelor of Vision Science (2016)
  • Masters of Optometry (2016)

Beth Trevor


Beth has over 11 years experience as an optometrist, with a particular interest in myopia control, ortho-k, paediatric optometry and working with children.

Beth graduated from Queensland University of Technology (Brisbane) and University of Melbourne with the following credentials:

  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Optometry) (QUT 2008)
  • Graduate Certificate of Ocular Therapeutics (QUT 2012)
  • Specialist Certificate in the Management of Paediatric Patients (Uni Melb, 2016)
Tia Landeg
Practice Manager
Paige Curran
Optical dispenser

Our Values

We believe that a clinic is built on more than qualifications and product ranges. At See Eyecare, we aim to develop a relationship with our clients that is based on respect, communication and honesty. When this is combined with the latest technology and products, we are able to deliver the best results for our patients.

Our Patients

We strive to provide excellence to each and every person who entrusts their vision and the vision of their family to our optometrist’s care with the goal of delivering the absolute best vision that your eyes are able to achieve.

Our Communication

We understand that advice is often only as valuable as the way it is communicated to you. After your examination, our optometrist will carefully explain your test results and the health of your eyes in easy-to-understand terminology and provide you with the report for your future record keeping purposes.

Our Technology

Our partnership with Zeiss, along with our experience in optometric technology gives us a great platform to continuously provide excellence in eye care instrumentation. We continually stay up-to-date on the latest improvements in technology that allow us to provide the best service and products for our patients.

Our Equipment

We have the latest equipment installed by Zeiss including the iprofiler (helps achieve the most accurate spectacle prescription), Clarus (widefield camera), Cirrus 5000 (OCT with angiography), Humphrey field analyser (visual field test) and Zeiss slit lamps with imaging (magnifier to view all aspects of the eye).